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Dedicated to reducing suffering in the world with grace, ease and dignity for all.
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No matter how hard we try to avoid adversity it finds us. It shows up in many aspects of life – work, family, health, home, community and within our spiritual quests. Adversity can arise from situations beyond our control—stressful working conditions, health crises, accidents or the death of a loved one. There are inner issues as well – fear of failure, low self esteem, life threatening or chronic health concerns. Adversity can be a minor concern that annoys and distracts us, or a huge concern that leaves us confused and frozen.

Often we choose to hide, to avoid, or try to outrun the situation. Have you ever wished a problem would just go away? Avoidance saps us of vital, life-giving energy.

Or, we can turn toward what arises and face it head on. Choosing to act puts us into the driver’s seat where we take control of our destiny and step into the flow of life. Victim or driver? - your choice!


What is an archer without a target?
365 Tao Daily Meditations

In choosing to flow forward we will collaborate to establish intentional forward movement towards integrated change. You will be held in a respectful and confidential relationship with a skilled professional. Resolving adversity in a world that grows increasingly complex can be more effective alternative to working alone. Where would you like to start?

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